public senior high schools and Technical Institute in ghana with thier grade, status, location and gender

Public Senior High Schools And Technical Institute In Ghana
1. Abakrampa Senior High Technical CENTRAL Abakrampa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
2. Abeadze State College CENTRAL Abeadze Domeabra Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
3. Abeaseman Community Day Senior High BONO EAST Abease Mixed C Day SHS
4. Abetifi Presby Senior High EASTERN Abetifi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
5. Abetifi Technical Institute EASTERN Abetifi Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
6. Abetifi Vocational Training Institute EASTERN Abetifi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
7. Abiriw Technical Institute EASTERN Abiriw Mixed C Day TVET
8. Abor Senior High VOLTA Abor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
9. Abrafi Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Mixed C Day SHS
10. Abuakwa State College EASTERN Kibi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
11. Abura YLSTI WESTERN Abura Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
12. Aburaman Senior High CENTRAL Abura Dunkwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
13. Aburi Girls Senior High EASTERN Aburi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
14. Abutia Senior High/Technical VOLTA Abutia Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
15. Academy of Christ the King CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
16. Accra Academy G. ACCRA Kaneshie Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
17. Accra Girls Senior High G. ACCRA Mamobi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
18. Accra Senior High G. ACCRA Asylum Down Mixed B Day SHTS
19. Accra Tech. Trg. Centre GT. ACCRA Kokomlemle Mixed A Day TVET
20. Accra Wesley Girls High G. ACCRA Kaneshie Girls C Day SHS
21. Acherensua Senior High AHAFO Acherensua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
22. Achiase Senior High EASTERN Achiase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
23. Achimota Senior High G. ACCRA Achimota Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
24. Achinakrom Senior High ASHANTI Achinakrom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
25. Ada Senior High G. ACCRA Ada-Foah Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
26. Ada Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Sege Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
27. Ada Tech. Inst. G. ACCRA Ada Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
28. Adaklu Senior High VOLTA Adaklu Mixeda C Day/Boarding SHS
29. Adankwaman Senior High CENTRAL Assin Darmang Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
30. Adanwomase Senior High ASHANTI Adanwomase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
31. Adeiso Presby Senior High EASTERN Adeiso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
32. Adidome Farm Institute VOLTA Adidome Mixed C Day TVET
33. Adidome Senior High VOLTA Adidome Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
34. Adiembra Senior High WESTERN Diabene Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
35. Adisadel College CENTRAL Cape Coast Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
36. Adjen Kotoku Senior High G. ACCRA Adjen Kotoku Mixed C Day SHS
37. Adjena Senior High/Tech EASTERN Adjena Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
38. Adjoafua Comm. Senior High WESTERN NORTH Adjoafua Mixed C Day SHS
39. Adobewora Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Adobewora Mixed C Day SHS
40. Adonten Senior High EASTERN Aburi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
41. Adu Gyamfi Senior High ASHANTI Jamasi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
42. Adugyama Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Adugyama Mixed C Day SHS
43. Aduman Senior High ASHANTI Aduman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
44. Adventist Girls Senior High ASHANTI Ntonso Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
45. Adventist Senior High ASHANTI Bantama-Kumasi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
46. Afadjato Senior High/Tech VOLTA Gbledi-Gbogame Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
47. Afienya YLSTI G. ACCRA Afife Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
48. Afife Senior High Tech VOLTA Afife Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
49. Afigyaman Senior High School ASHANTI Kyekyewere Mixed C Day SHS
50. Afua Kobi Ampem Girls' Senior High ASHANTI Trabuom Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
51. Agate Comm. Senior High VOLTA Agate Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
52. Aggrey Memorial A.M.E.Zion Snr. High CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
53. Agogo State College ASHANTI Agogo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
54. Agomeda ICCES G. ACCRA Agomeda Mixed C Day TVET
55. Agona CDVTI ASHANTI Agona Ashanti Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
56. Agona Fankobaa Senior High CENTRAL Agona Fankobaa Mixed C Day SHS
57. Agona Namonwora Comm.Senior High CENTRAL Agona Namonwora Mixed C Day SHS
58. Agona Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Agona Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
59. Agotime Senior High VOLTA Kpetoe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
60. Agric Nzema Senior High ASHANTI Kumasi Mixed C Day SHS
61. Ahafoman Senior High/Tech AHAFO Goaso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
62. Ahamansu Islamic Senior High School OTI Ahamansu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
63. Ahantaman Girls' Senior High WESTERN Sekondi-Ketan Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
64. Ajumako Afranse YLSTI CENTRAL Ajumako Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
65. Akatsi Senior High/Tech VOLTA Akatsi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
66. Akim Asafo Senior High EASTERN Akim Asafo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
67. Akim Swedru Senior High EASTERN Akim Swedru Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
68. Akokoaso Senior High/Tech EASTERN Akim Akokoaso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
69. Akome Senior High/Tech. VOLTA Akome Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
70. Akontombra Senior High WESTERN NORTH Akontombra Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
71. Akpafu Senior High/Tech VOLTA Akpafu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
72. Akramaman Senior High G. ACCRA Akramaman Mixed C Day SHS
73. Akro Senior High/Tech EASTERN Odumase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
74. Akrofufu ICCES EASTERN Akrofufu Mixed C Day TVET
75. Akrofuom Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Akrofuom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
76. Akroso Senior High/Tech EASTERN Akroso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
77. Akumadan Senior High ASHANTI Akumadan Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
78. Akuse Methodist Senior High/Tech EASTERN Akuse Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
79. Akwamuman Senior High EASTERN Atimpoku- Akosombo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
80. Akwatia Tech. Inst. EASTERN Akwatia Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
81. Akwesi Awobaa Senior High ASHANTI Anyinasu Mixed C Day SHS
82. Akyin Senior High School CENTRAL Mboroboankra Mixed C Day SHS
83. Alavanyo Senior High/Tech VOLTA Alavanyo-Kpeme Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
84. Al-Azariya Islamic Snr.High ASHANTI Kumasi Old Tafo Mixed B Day SHS
85. Amaniampong Senior High ASHANTI Mampong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
86. Amankwakrom Fisheries Agric. Tech. Inst EASTERN Amankwakron Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
87. Amanten Senior High BONO EAST Amanten Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
88. Amasaman Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Amasaman Mixed C Day SHTS
89. Amedzofe Technical Institute VOLTA Amedzofe Mixed C Day TVET
90. Amenfiman Senior High WESTERN Wasa Akropong Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
91. Ameyaw Akumfi SeniorHigh/Tech BONO EAST Aworowa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
92. Amnoawi ICCES ASHANTI Amnoawi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
93.Amoafo Vocational/Technical Institute—Bekwai ASHANTI Bekwai Mixed C Day TVET
94. Amoana Praso Senior High EASTERN Amoana Praso Mixed C Day SHS
95. Anbariya Senior High Sch NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
96. Anfoega Senior High VOLTA Anfoega Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
97. Anglican Senior High ASHANTI Asem-Kumasi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
98. Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High VOLTA Anlo Afiadenyigba Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
99. Anlo Awomefia Senior High VOLTA Anyako Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
100. Anlo Senior High VOLTA Anloga Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
101. Anlo Tech. Inst VOLTA Anloga Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
102. Annor Adjaye Senior High WESTERN Ezilibo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
103. Antoa Senior High ASHANTI Antoa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
104. Anum Apapam Comm. Day EASTERN Anum Apapam Mixed C Day SHS
105. Anum Asamoah Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Adum Kwanwoma Mixed C Day SHTS
106. Anum Presby Senior High EASTERN Anum Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
107.Anum Presbyterian Vocational Training Institute EASTERN Anum Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
108. Apam Senior High CENTRAL Apam Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
109. Apedwa Presby Senior High EASTERN Apedwa Mixed C Day SHS
110. Apeguso Senior High EASTERN Apeguso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
111. Aperade Senior High/Tech EASTERN Akim Aperade Mixed C Day SHS
112. Archbishop Porter Girls Snr.High WESTERN Sekondi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
113. Armed Forces Senior High/Tech, Kumasi ASHANTI Bantama-Kumasi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
114. Asamankese Senior High EASTERN Asamankese Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
115. Asankare YLSTI ASHANTI Asankare Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
116. Asankrangwa Senior High WESTERN Asankragwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
117. Asankrangwa Senior High/Tech WESTERN Asankragwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
118. Asanteman Senior High ASHANTI Bantama Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
119. Asare Bediako Senior High ASHANTI Akrokerri Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
120. Asawinso Senior High WESTERN NORTH Asawinso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
121. Asesewa Senior High School EASTERN Asesewa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
122. Ashiaman Senior High G. ACCRA Ashiaman Mixed C Day SHS
123. Ashiaman Tech/Voc. Inst G. ACCRA Ashiaman Mixed C Day TVET
124. Assin Fosu Vocational Training Institute CENTRAL Assin Fosu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
125. Assin Manso Senior High CENTRAL Assin Manso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
126. Assin North Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Assin Asempaneye Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
127. Assin Nsuta Agric. Senior High CENTRAL Assin Nsuta Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
128. Assin State College CENTRAL Assin Bereku Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
129. Asuansi Tech. Inst CENTRAL Asuansi Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
130. Asukawkaw Senior High OTI Asukawkaw Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
131. Asuom Senior High EASTERN Asuom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
132. Asuoso Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Asuoso Mixed C Day SHS
133. Atebubu Senior High BONO EAST Atebubu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
134. Atiayi Senior High/Tech VOLTA Atiavi Mixed C Day SHTS
135. Atorkor Vocational Training Institute VOLTA Atorkor Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
136. Attafuah Senior High/Tech EASTERN Akim Oda Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
137. Atweaman Senior High EASTERN Akim Manso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
138. Atwima Kwanwoma Snr High/Tech ASHANTI Trede Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
139. Avatime Senior High VOLTA Vane Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
140. Ave Senior High VOLTA Ave-Dakpa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
141. Ave-Afiadenyingba VOLTA Ave Mixed C Day TVET
142. Avenor Senior High VOLTA Avenorkpeme Mixed C Day SHS
143. Avenorpeme YLSTI VOLTA Avenorpeme Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
144. Aveyinte Battor Senior High/Tech VOLTA Aveyime-Battor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
145. Awe Senior High/Tech U.EAST Navrongo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
146. Awudome Senior High VOLTA Tsito Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
147. Awutu Bawjiase Comm. Senior High CENTRAL Bawjiase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
148. Awutu Winton Senior High CENTRAL Awutu Mixed B Day SHS
149. Axim CDVTI WESTERN Axim Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
150. Axim Girls Senior High WESTERN Axim Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
151. Ayanfuri Senior High CENTRAL Ayanfuri Mixed C Day SHS
152. Ayirebi Senior High EASTERN Ayirebi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
153. Azeem-Nampa Senior High/Tech U. EAST Namoo Mixed C Day SHS
154. Badu Senior High/Tech BONO Badu/Wench. 1 Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
155. Baglo Ridge Senior High/Tech. OTI Baglo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
156. Baidoo Bonso Senior High/Tech WESTERN Agona Nkwanta Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
157. Bamboi Comm. Senior High SAVANNAH Bamboi Mixed C Day SHS
158. Bandaman Senior High BONO Banda Ahenkro Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
159. Banka Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Banka Mixed C Day SHS
160. Bankoman Senior High ASHANTI Banko Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
161. Barekese Senior High ASHANTI Barekese Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
162. Bassa Community Senior High BONO EAST Bassa Mixed C Day SHS
163. Battor Senior High VOLTA Battor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
164. Bawku Senior High U. EAST Bawku Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
165. Bawku Senior High/Tech. U. EAST Bawku Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
166. Bawku Tech. Inst. U. EAST Bawku Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
167.Bawku Vocational Training Institute U. EAST Bawku Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
168. Baworo ICCES ASHANTI Baworo Mixed C Day TVET
169. Bechem CDVTI BONO Bechem Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
170. Bechem Presby Senior High AHAFO Bechem Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
171. Bekwai CDVT1 ASHANTI Bekwai Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
172. Benkum Senior High EASTERN Larteh¬Akwapim Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
173. Benso Senior High/Tech WESTERN Benso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
174. Bepong Senior High School EASTERN Bepong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
175. Beposo Senior High ASHANTI Beposo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
176. Berekum Presby Senior High BONO Berekum Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
177. Berekum Senior High BONO Berekum Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
178. Bia Senior High/Tech WESTERN NORTH Debiso Essiam Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
179. Biakoye Comm. School OTI Nkonya-wurupong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
180. Bibiani Senior High/Tech WESTERN NORTH Bibiani Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
181. Bimbilla Senior High NORTHERN Bimbilla Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
182. Binduri Comm. Senior High U. EAST Binduri Mixed C Day SHS
183. Birifoh Senior High Sch U. WEST Lawra Mixed C Day SHS
184. Bisease Senior High/Com CENTRAL Bisease Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
185. Bishop Herman College VOLTA Kpando Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
186. Boa-Amponsem Senior High CENTRAL Dunkwa-On¬Offin Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
187. Boakye Tromo Senior High/Tech AHAFO Duayaw Nkwanta Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
188. Bodi Senior High WESTERN NORTH Bodi Mixed B Day SHS
189. Bodomase Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Bodomase Mixed C Day SHTS
190. Bodwesango Senior High ASHANTI Bodwesango Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
191. Bole Senior High SAVANNAH Bole Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
192. Bolga CDVTI UPPER EAST Bolgatanga Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
193. Bolga Girls Senior High U. EAST Zaare-Bolgatanga Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
194. Bolga Sherigu Comm.Senior High U. EAST Bolga Mixed C Day SHS
195. Bolga Tech. Inst U. EAST Bolgatanga Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
196. Bolgatanga Senior High U. EAST Bolgatanga Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
197. Bomaa Comm. Senior High AHAFO Bomaa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
198. Bompata Presby Senior High ASHANTI Bompata Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
199. Bompeh Senior High./Tech WESTERN Takoradi Mixed B Day SHTS
200. Bongo CDVTI U. EAST Bongo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
201. Bongo Senior High U. EAST Bongo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
202. Bontrase Senior High Tech Sch CENTRAL Awutu Bontrase Mixed C Day SHTS
203. Bonwire Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Bonwire Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
204. Bonzo-Kaku Senior High WESTERN Awiebo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
205. Boso Senior High Technical EASTERN Boso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
206. Bosome Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Asiwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
207. Bosomtwe Oyoko Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Bosomtwe Oyoko Mixed C Day SHS
208. Bowiri Comm. Day School OTI Kwamekrom Mixed C Day SHTS
209. Brakwa Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Brakwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
210. Breman Asikuma Senior High CENTRAL Breman Asikuma Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
211. Bueman Senior High OTI Jasikan Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
212. Buipe Senior High SAVANNAH Buipe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
213. Buipe Tech/Voc Inst SAVANNAH Buipe Mixed C Day TVET
214. Bunkpurugu Senior High/Tech NORTH EAST Bunkupurugu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
215. Business Senior High, Tamale NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
216. Busunya Senior High BONO EAST Busunya Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
217. C.Y.O. Tech/Voc. lnst VOLTA Sovie Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
218. Cape Coast Tech. Inst CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
219. Career Training Institute CENTRAL Breman-Asikuma Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
220. Caring Sisters Vocational Training Institute VOLTA Tegbi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
221. Charlotte Dolphyne Vocational Training Institute WESTERN Sanzule Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
222. Chemu Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Tema Comm 4 Mixed B Day SHTS
223. Chereponi Senior High/Tech NORTH EAST Chereponi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
224. Chiana Senior High U. EAST Chiana Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
225. Chiraa Senior High BONO Chiraa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
226. Chirano Comm. Day School WESTERN NORTH Chirano Mixed C Day SHS
227. Christ the King Cath ASHANTI Obuasi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
228. Christian Methodist Senior High G. ACCRA Aplaku (Weija) Mixed C Day SHS
229. Church Of Christ Senior High ASHANTI Adadientem Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
230. College of Music Senior CENTRAL Mozano Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
231. Collins Senior High/Commercial ASHANTI Agogo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
232. Comboni Tech/Voc Volta Sogakope Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
233. Construction Machinery Mechanic Training Institute GREATER ACCRA Burma Camp Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
234. Dabala Senior High/Tech VOLTA Dabala Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
235. Daboase Senior High/Tech WESTERN Daboase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
236. Dabokpa Voc/Tech. Inst NORTHERN Tamale Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
237. Daboya Comm. Day School SAVANNAH Daboya Mixed C Day SHS
238. Dadease Agric Senior High ASHANTI Dadease Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
239. Dadieso Senior High WESTERN NORTH Dadieso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
240. Daffiamah Senior High U. WEST Daffiamah Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
241. Dagbon State Senior High/Tech NORTHERN Yendi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
242. Damongo Senior High SAVANNAH Damongo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
243. Denyaseman Cath.Senior High ASHANTI Poano Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
244. Derma Comm. Day School AHAFO Derma Mixed B Day SHS
245. Diabene Senior High/Tech WESTERN Diabene Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
246. Diamono Senior High Sch BONO Duadaso No. 2 Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
247. Diaso Senior High CENTRAL Diaso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
248. Diaspora Girls' Senior High EASTERN Obodan-Nsawam Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
249. Dodi-Papase Senior High/Tech OTI Dodi-Papase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
250. Dodowa ICCES GREATER ACCRA Dodowa Mixed C Day TVET
251. Dofor Senior High VOLTA Juapong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
252. Dompoase Senior High ASHANTI Dompoase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
253. Don Bosco Voc/Tech. Inst BONO Odumasi Mixed B Day TVET
254. Donkorkrom Agric Senior High EASTERN Donkorkrom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
255. Dormaa Senior High BONO Dormaa Ahenkro Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
256. Dormaa Vocational Training Institute BONO Dormaa Ahenkro Mixed C Day/ Boarding TVET
257. Dr. Hila Liman Senior High School U. WEST Gwollu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
258. Drobo Senior High BONO Drobo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
259. Duadaso No. 1 Senior High/Tech BONO Duadaso Mixed C Day SHTS
260. Dunkwa Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Dunkwa-on-Offin Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
261. Dwamena Akenten Senior High ASHANTI Offinso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
262. Dzodze Penyi Senior High VOLTA Dzodze Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
263. Dzolo Senior High VOLTA Dzolo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
264. E. P. Agric Senior High/Tech NORTHERN Tatale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
265. E. P. Senior High VOLTA Hohoe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
266. E.P.C. Mawuko Girls Senior High VOLTA Ho Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
267. E.P.Tech/voc lnst VOLTA Alavanyo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
268. Ebenezer Senior High G. ACCRA Dansoman Mixed C Day SHS
269. Edinaman Senior High CENTRAL Elmina Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
270. Effiduase Senior High/Comm ASHANTI Effiduase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
271. Effiduase Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Effiduase Mixed C Day SHTS
272. Effutu Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
273. Eguafo-Abrem Senior High CENTRAL Eguafo Abirem Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
274. Ejisu Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Ejisu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
275. Ejisuman Senior High ASHANTI Ejisu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
276. Ejuraman Anglican Senior High ASHANTI Ejura Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
277. Ekumfi T. I. AhmadiiyyaSnr. High CENTRAL Esakyir Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
278. Enyan Denkyira Senior High CENTRAL Denkyira Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
279. Enyan Maim Comm. Day School CENTRAL Enyan Maim Mixed C Day SHS
280. Enyan-Abaasa Technical Institute CENTRAL Enyan-Abaasa Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
281. Eremon Senior High/Tech U. WEST Eremon Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
282. Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech ASHANTI Esaase Bontefufuo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
283. Esiama Senior High/Tech WESTERN Esiama Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
284. Fawohoyeden YLSTI AHAFO Fawohoyeden Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
285. Fettehman Senior High CENTRAL Gomoa Fetteh Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
286. Fiaseman Senior High WESTERN Bankyim Tarkwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
287. Fijai Senior High WESTERN Sekondi Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
288. Fodoa Comm. Senior High EASTERN Fodoa Nkawkaw Mixed C Day SHS
289. Fomena T.I. Ahmad Senior High ASHANTI Fomena Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
290. Forces Senior High/Tech, Burma Camp G. ACCRA Burma Camp Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
291. Fr Dogli Memorial Voc/Tech. Inst OTI New Ayoma Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
292. Frafraha Comm. Senior High G. ACCRA Frafraha Mixed C Day SHS
293. Fumbisi Senior High U. EAST Fumbisi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
294. Funsi Senior High School U. WEST Funsi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
295. Gambaga Girls Senior High NORTH EAST Gambaga Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
296. Gambigo Comm. Day Senior High U. EAST Gambigo Mixed C Day SHS
297. Garu Comm. Day Senior High U. EAST Garu Mixed C Day SHS
298. Gbekor Senior High VOLTA Adaklu Mixed C Day SHS
299. Ghana Muslim Mission Senior High ASHANTI Beposo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
300. Ghana National College CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
301. Ghana Senior High, Koforidua EASTERN Koforidua A Mixed Day/Boarding SHS
302. Ghana Senior High, Tamale NORTHERN Tamale Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
303. Ghana Senior High/Tech Takoradi WESTERN Takoradi Boys A Day/Boarding SHTS
304. Ghanata Senior High G. ACCRA Dodowa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
305. Goka Senior High/Tech BONO Goka Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
306. Gomoa Adaa Vocational Training Institute CENTRAL Gomoa Adaa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
307. Gomoa Gyaman Senior High CENTRAL Gomoa Gyaman Mixed C Day SHS
308. Gomoa Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Dawurampon Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
309. Gowrie Senior High/Tech U. EAST Gowrie Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
310. GRATIS Foundation- Bono Region BONO Sunyani Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
311. GRATIS Foundation- Central CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
312. GRATIS Foundation- Eastern EASTERN Koforidua Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
313. GRATIS Foundation- Gt Accra G. ACCRA Tema Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
314. GRATIS Foundation- Northern NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
315. GRATIS Foundation- Upper East U.EAST Bolgatanga Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
316. GRATIS Foundation- Upper West UPPER WEST Wa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
317. GRATIS Foundation- Volta VOLTA Ho Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
318. GRATIS Foundation-Western WESTERN Takoradi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
319. Growth ICCES G. ACCRA Bedeku Mixed C Day TVET
320. Guakro Effah Senior High BONO EAST Offuman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
321. Gushegu Senior High NORTHERN Gushegu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
322. Gwiraman Comm.Senior High WESTERN Bamianko Mixed C Day SHS
323. Gyaama Pensan Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Aboaso-Ashanti Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
324. Gyaase Community Senior High CENTRAL Assin-Akonfudi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
325. Gyamfi Kumanini Senior High/Tech AHAFO Wamahinso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
326. Gyarko Comm. Day Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Mixed C Day SHS
327. Gyedu ICCES AHAFO Gyedu Mixed C Day TVET
328. H'Mount Sinai Senior High EASTERN Akropong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
329. Half Assini Senior High WESTERN Half Assini Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
330. Han Senior High U. WEST Jirapa Mixed C Day SHS
331. Have Tech. Inst VOLTA Have Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
332. Hemang Buoho Vocational Training Institute ASHANTI Hemang Buoho Mixed C Day/boarding TVET
333. Ho CDVTI VOLTA Ho Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
334. Holy Child School, Cape Coast CENTRAL Cape Coast Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
335. Holy Family Senior High U. WEST Hamile Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
336. Holy Trinity Senior High G. ACCRA High Street-Accra Mixed C Day SHS
337. Huni Valley Senior High WESTERN Huni Vallley Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
338. Hwidiem Senior High AHAFO Hwidiem Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
339. Institute of Business Studies-Kumasi ASHANTI Chirapatre Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
340. Islamic Girls Senior High, Suhum EASTERN Korase¬Suhum Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
341. Islamic Science Senior High, Tamale NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
342. Islamic Senior High, Ampabame ASHANTI Ampabame Mixed B Day/Boarding
343. Islamic Senior High, Wa U. WEST Wa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
344. Issa YLSTI U. WEST lssa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
345. Istiquaama Snr. High BONO Wenchi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
346. J. A. Kufuor Senior High ASHANTI Sokoban Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
347. J. G. Knol Voc. Instititute EASTERN Adukrom Akw Mixed C Day/boarding TVET
348. J.E.A. Mills Senior High CENTRAL Otuam Mixed C Day SHS
349. Jachie Pramso Senior High ASHANTI Jachie Pramso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
350. Jacobu Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Jacobu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
351. Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls U. WEST Wa Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
352. Janga Senior High/Tech NORTH EAST Janga Mixed C Day SHTS
353. Jema Senior High BONO EAST Jema Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
354. Jim Bourton Mem Agric. Senior High VOLTA Logba Adzokoe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
355. Jinijini Senior High BONO Jinijini Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
356. Jirapa Senior High U. WEST Jirapa-Town Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
357. Juaben Senior High ASHANTI Juaben Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
358. Juaboso Senior High WESTERN NORTH Juaboso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
359. Juaso Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Juaso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
360. Jubilee Senior High ASHANTI Dampong Mixed C Day SHS
361. Jukwa Senior High CENTRAL Jukwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
362. Kade Senior High/Tech EASTERN Kade Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
363. Kadjebi-Asato Senior High OTI Kadjeto-Asato Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
364. Kajaji Senior High BONO EAST Kajaji Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
365. Kaleo Senior High/Tech U. WEST Kaleo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
366. Kalpohin Senior High NORTHERN Tamale Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
367. Kanjaga Comm. Senior High U. EAST Kanjaga Mixed C Day SHS
368. Kanda Career Training Institute G.ACCRA Kanda Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
369. Kaneshie Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Kaneshie Mixed C Day SHTS
370. Kanton Senior High U. WEST Tumu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
371. Karaga Senior High NORTHERN Karaga Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
372. Kasuliyili Senior High NORTHERN Kasuliyili Mixed C Day SHS
373. Kesse Basahyia Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Oforikrom Mixed C Day SHS
374. Keta Business Senior High VOLTA Keta Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
375. Keta Senior High/Tech VOLTA Keta Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
376. Kete Krachi CDVTI OTI Kete Krachi Mixed C Day TVET
377. Kete Krachi Senior High/Tech OTI Kete-Krachi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
378. Kibi CDVTI EASTERN Kibi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
379. Kibi Senior High/Tech EASTERN Kibi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
380. Kikam Tech. Inst WESTERN Kikam Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
381. Kinbu Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Tudu Mixed C Day SHTS
382. Kingstech ICCES CENTRAL Gomoa Mprumem Mixed C Day TVET
383. Kintampo CDVTI BONO EAST Kintampo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
384. Kintampo Senior High BONO EAST Kintampo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
385. Klikor Senior High/Tech VOLTA Klikor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
386. Klo-Agogo Senior High EASTERN Klo-Agogo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
387. KNUST Senior High ASHANTI KNUST Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
388. Ko Senior High U. WEST Ko-Nandom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
389. Koase Senior High/Tech BONO Koase/Wenchi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
390. Kofi Adjei Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Bampenase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
391. Kofi Annan Vocational Training Institute NORTHERN Nodwa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
392. Kofiase Adventist Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Kofiase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
393. Koforidua Senior High/Tech EASTERN Koforidua Mixed A Day/Boarding SHTS
394. Koforidua Tech. Inst EASTERN Koforidua Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
395. Komenda Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Komenda Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
396. Konadu Yiadom Catholic Senior High ASHANTI Asamang Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
397. Kongo Senior High U. EAST Kongo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
398. Konkoma ICCES ASHANTI Konkomba Mixed C Day TVET
399. Konongo Odumase Senior High ASHANTI Odumase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
400. Kpandai Senior High NORTHERN Kpandai Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
401. Kpando Senior High VOLTA Kpando Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
402. Kpando Tech. Inst VOLTA Kpando Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
403. Kpassa Senior High/Tech OTI Kpassa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
404. Kpedze Senior High VOLTA Kpedze Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
405. Kpeve Senior High VOLTA Kpeve Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
406. Kpone Comm. Senior High G. ACCRA Katamanso Mixed C Day SHS
407. Kpong CDVTI EASTERN Kpong Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
408. Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr. High/Tech EASTERN Kraboa-Coaltar Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
409. Krachi Senior High OTI Kete-Krachi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
410. Krobea Asante Tec/Voc Inst ASHANTI Asokore Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
411. Krobo Comm.Senior High BONO EAST Krobo Mixed C Day SHS
412. Krobo Girls Senior High EASTERN Odumase Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
413. Kukuom Agric Senior High AHAFO Kukuom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
414. Kumasi Academy ASHANTI Asokore Mampong Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
415. Kumasi Girls Senior High ASHANTI Abrepo Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
416. Kumasi High School ASHANTI Gyinyase-Kumasi Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
417. Kumasi Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Patasi-Kumasi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
418. Kumasi Tech. Inst ASHANTI Kumasi Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
419. Kumasi Vocational Training Institute ASHANTI Suame Mixed C Day/ Boarding TVET
420. Kumasi Wesley Girls High Sch ASHANTI Old Tafo Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
421. Kumawuman Inst. Of Skills ASHANTI Kumawuman Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
422. Kumbungu Senior High NORTHERN Kumbungu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
423. Kurofa Methodist Senior High ASHANTI Kurofa Mixed C Day SHS
424. Kusanaba Senior High U. EAST Kusanaba Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
425. Kusanaba Vocational Institute U. EAST Binaba Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
426. Kwabeng Anglican SeniorHigh/Tech EASTERN Kwabeng Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
427. Kwabenya Comm. Senior High G. ACCRA Kwabenya Mixed C Day SHTS
428. Kwabre Senior High BONO EAST Akuma Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
429. Kwahu Ridge Senior High EASTERN Obo-Kwahu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
430. Kwahu Tafo Senior High EASTERN Kwahu Tafo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
431. Kwame Danso Senior High/Tech BONO EAST Kwame Danso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
432. Kwamo CDVTI ASHANTI Kwamo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
433. Kwanyako Senior High CENTRAL Kwanyako Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
434. Kwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. Senior High EASTERN Nyanoa Mixed C Day SHS
435. Kwarteng Ankomah Senior High BONO EAST Tanoso-Techmian Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
436. Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High CENTRAL Anomabo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
437. Kyabobo Girls School OTI Nkwanta Girls C Day SHS
438. Kyekyewere Comm. Senior High School CENTRAL Denkyira-Kyekyewere Mixed C Day SHS
439. La Presby Senior High G. ACCRA La Emmaus Mixed C Day SHS
440. Labone Senior High G. ACCRA Labone Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
441. Lambussie Community Senior High U. WEST Lambussie Mixed C Day SHS
442. Langbinsi Senior High/Tech NORTH EAST Langbinsi Mixed C Day SHTS
443. Lashibi Comm. Day G. ACCRA Sakumono Mixed C Day SHS
444. Lassie-Tuolu Senior High U. WEST Lassie Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
445. Lawra Senior High U. WEST Lawra Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
446. Leklebi Senior High VOLTA Leklebi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
447. Likpe Senior High VOLTA Likpe-Mate Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
448. Loggu Comm. Day School U. WEST Loggu Mixed C Day SHS
449. Maabang Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Maabang Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
450. Maame Krobo Comm. Senior High EASTERN Maame Krobo Mixed C Day SHS
451. Madina CDVTI G.ACCRA Madina Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
452. Mafi-Kumasi Senior High/Tech VOLTA Mafi-Kumasi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
453. Mampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech for the Deaf EASTERN Mampong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
454. Mando Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Mando Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
455. Mangoase Senior High EASTERN Mangoase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
456. Mankessim Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Mankesim Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
457. Mankoadzi ICCES CENTRAL Mankoadzi Mixed C Day TVET
458. Mankranso Senior High ASHANTI Fawoade Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
459. Mansen Senior High Sch BONO Wamfie Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
460. Manso-Adubia Senior High ASHANTI Adubia Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
461. Manso-Amenfi Comm. Day School WESTERN NORTH Manso-Amenfi Mixed C Day SHS
462. Manso-Amenfi Vocational Training Institute WESTERN Manso-Amenfi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
463. Mansoman Senior High ASHANTI Manso Atwere Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
464. Manya Krobo Senior High EASTERN New Nuaso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
465. Mawuli School VOLTA Ho Mixed A Day/Boarding SHTS
466. Mem-Chemfre Comm. Senior High EASTERN Mem-Chemfre Mixed C Day SHTS
467. Menji Senior High BONO Menji Mixed B Day SHS
468. Mepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech VOLTA Mepe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
469. Methodist Girls Senior High, Mamfe EASTERN Mamfe Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
470. Methodist High School, Saltpond CENTRAL Saltpond Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
471. Methodist Senior High/Tech BONO Biadan Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
472. Methodist Senior High WESTERN Sekondi Mixed C Day SHS
473. Methodist Technical Institute ASHANTI Kwadaso Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
474. Mfantsiman Girls Senior High CENTRAL Saltpond Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
475. Mfantsipim School CENTRAL Cape Coast Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
476. Mim Senior High AHAFO Mim Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
477. Mirigu Community Day Senior High U. EAST mirigu Mixed C Day SHS
478. Mokwaa Senior High Sch CENTRAL Mokwaa Mixed C Day SHS
479. Moree Comm. Senior High CENTRAL Moree Mixed C Day SHTS
480. Mozano Senior High CENTRAL Mozano Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
481. Mpaha Comm. Senior High NORTHERN Mpaha Mixed C Day SHS
482. Mpasatia Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Mpasatia Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
483. Mpohor Senior High WESTERN Mpohor Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
484. Mpraeso Senior High EASTERN Mpraeso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
485. Naab Azantilow Senior High/Tech U. EAST Bilinsa/Sandema Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
486. Nabango Senior High School U. EAST Nabango Mixed C Day SHTS
487. Nafana Senior High BONO Sampa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
488. Nakpanduri Senior High NORTH EAST Nakpanduri Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
489. Nalerigu Senior High NORTH EAST Nalerigu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
490. Nalerigu YLSTI NORTH EAST Nalerigu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
491. Namalteng Integrated Vocational Training Institute U.EAST Gheogo Namalteng Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
492. Namong Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Namong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
493. Nana Brentu Senior High/Tech WESTERN NORTH Enchi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
494. Nandom Senior High U. WEST Nandom Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
495. National Vocational Training Centre CENTRAL Agona Swedru Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
.496. Navrongo CDVTI U.EAST Navrongo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
497. Navrongo Senior High U. EAST Janania-Navrongo Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
498. Nchumuruman Comm. Day Senior High OTI Chinderi Mixed C Day SHS
499. Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech SAVANNAH Damongo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
500. Nerebehi ICCES ASHANTI Nerebehi Mixed C Day TVET
501. New Abirem/Afosu Senior High EASTERN New Abirem Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
502. New Century Career Training Institute G. ACCRA Dansoman Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
503. New Edubiase Senior High ASHANTI New Edubiase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
504. New Juaben Senior High/Com EASTERN Koforidua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
505. New Krokompe Comm. Senior High BONO EAST New Krokompe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
506. New Longoro Comm.School (Dega) BONO EAST New Longoro Mixed C Day SHS
507. New Nsutam Senior High/Tech EASTERN New Nsutam Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
508. Ngleshie Amanfro ICCES G. ACCRA Ngleshie Amanfro Mixed C Day TVET
509. Ngleshie Amanfro Senior High G. ACCRA Ngleshie Amanfro Mixed C Day SHS
510. Nifa Senior High EASTERN Adukrom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
511. Ningo Senior High G. ACCRA Old Ningo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
512. Nkawie Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Nkawie Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
513. Nkawkaw Senior High EASTERN Nkawkaw Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
514. Nkenkansu Community Senior High ASHANTI Nkenkansu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
515. Nkonya Senior High OTI Nkonya-Ahenkro Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
516. Nkoranman Senior High BONO Seikwa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
517. Nkoranza Senior High/Tech BONO EAST Nkoranza Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
518. Nkoranza Tech Inst BONO EAST Nkoranza Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
519. Nkrankwanta Comm Senior High BONO Nkrankwanta Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
520. Nkroful Agric. Senior High WESTERN Nkroful Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
521. Nkwanta Comm.Senior High OTI Nkwanta Mixed C Day SHTS
522. Nkwanta Senior High OTI Nkwanta Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
523. Nkwatia Presby Senior High/Com EASTERN Nkwatia Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
524. Nkyeraa Senior High Sch BONO Nchiraa Mixed C Day SHS
525. Northern School of Business NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
526. Northern Star Senior High U. WEST Mangu Wa Mixed C SHS
.527. Notre Dame Girls Senior High, Sunyani BONO Sunyani Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
528. Notre Dame Sem/ Senior High, Navrongo U. EAST Navrongo Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
529. Nsaba Presby Senior High CENTRAL Nsaba Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
530. Nsawam Senior High EASTERN Nsawam Mixed C Day SHS
531. Nsawkaw State Senior High BONO Nsawkaw Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
532. Nsawora Edumafa Comm. Senior High School WESTERN NORTH Nsawora Edumafa Mixed C Day SHS
533. Nsein Senior High WESTERN Nsein Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
534. Nsoatre CDVTI BONO Nsoatre Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
535. Nsutaman Cath. Senior High ASHANTI Nsuta Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
536. Ntruboman Senior High OTI Brewaniase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
537. Nungua Senior High G. ACCRA Nungua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
538. Nuru-Ameen Islamic Senior High ASHANTI Asewase Mixed B Day SHS
539. Nyakrom Senior High Tech CENTRAL Nyakrom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
540. Nyankumase Ahenkro Snr. High CENTRAL Nyankumase Ahenkro Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
541. Nyinahin Cath. Senior High ASHANTI Nyinahin Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
542. Nzema Maale YLSTI WESTERN Nzema Maale Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
543. O.L.L. Girls Senior High U. EAST Navrongo Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
544. Obiri Yeboah Senior High/Technical CENTRAL Assin Fosu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
545. Obrachire Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Obrakyere Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
546. Obuasi Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Obuasi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
547. Oda Senior High EASTERN Akim Oda Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
548. Odoben Senior High CENTRAL Odoben Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
549. Odomaseman Senior High BONO Odomase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
550. Odorgonno Senior High G. ACCRA Awoshie Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
551. Odupong Comm. Day School CENTRAL Odupong-Kasoa Mixed C Day SHS
552. Ofoase Kokobin Senior High ASHANTI Ofoase Kokobin Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
553. Ofoase Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Ofoase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
554. Ofori Panin Senior High EASTERN Kukurantumi Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
555. Oguaa Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
556. Ogyeedom Comm.Snr High/Tech CENTRAL Gomoa afransi Mixed C Day SHTS
557. OICG Accra Centre G. ACCRA East Legon Mixed C Day TVET
558. OICG Kumasi Centre ASHANTI North Suntreso Mixed C Day TVET
559. OICG Sekondi-Takoradi Center WESTERN Takoradi Mixed C Day TVET
560. Okadjakrom Senior High/Tech OTI Okadjakrom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
561. Okomfo Anokye Senior High ASHANTI Wiamoase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
562. Okuapeman Senior High EASTERN Akropong Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
563. OLA Girls Senior High, Ho VOLTA Ho Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
564. OLA Girls Senior High, Kenyasi AHAFO Kenyasi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
565. Onwe senior High ASHANTI Onwe-Ashanti Mixed C Day SHS
566. Opoku Agyeman Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Apaah Mixed C Day SHTS
567. Opoku Ware School ASHANTI Santasi-Kumasi Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
568. Oppong Memorial Senior High ASHANTI Kokofu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
569. O'Reilly Senior High G. ACCRA Okpoi Gomme Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
570. Osei Adutwum Senior High ASHANTI Jachie Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
571. Osei Bonsu Senior High BONO EAST Yefri Mixed B/td> Day/Boarding SHS
572. Osei Kyeretwie Senior High ASHANTI Old Tafo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
573. Osei Tutu Senior High ASHANTI Akropong Boys B Day/Boarding SHS
574. Osino Presby Senior High/Tech EASTERN Osino Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
575. Osudoku Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Asutsuare Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
576. Oti Boateng Senior High EASTERN Ada/Koforidua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
577. Oti Senior High/Tech Sch OTI Dambai Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
578. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II College ASHANTI Tetrem Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
579. Our Lady Fatima Vocational Training, Institute BONO Sampa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
580. Our Lady of Mercy Senior High G. ACCRA Tema Comm 4 Mixed B Day SHS
581. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Girls Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
582. Our Lady of Providence Senior High BONO Kwasi Buokrom Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
583. Owerriman Senior High ASHANTI Domeabra Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
584. Oyoko Methodist Senior High EASTERN Oyoko Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
585. Paga Senior High U. EAST Paga Mixed C Day SHS
586. Panfokrom CDVTI CENTRAL Panfokrom Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
587. Parkoso Comm. Senior High ASHANTI Parkoso Mixed C Day SHS
588. Peki Senior High/Technical VOLTA Peki Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
589. Peki Senior High VOLTA Peki Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
590. Pentecost Senior High, Kumasi ASHANTI Breman West Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
591. Pentecost Senior High,Koforidua EASTERN Koforidua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
592. Piina Senior High U. WEST Piina Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
593. Pilot Training Institute G. ACCRA Kokomlemle Mixed C Day TVET
594. Pong-Tamale Senior High NORTHERN Pong-Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
595. Pope John Snr. High & Min. Sem EASTERN Koforidua Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
596. Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High CENTRAL Potsin Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
597. Prampram CDVTI G. ACCRA Prampram Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
598. Prampram Senior High G. ACCRA Prampram Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
599. Prang Senior High BONO EAST Prang Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
600. Prempeh College ASHANTI Sofoline-Kumasi Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
601. Presby Boys Senior High, Legon G. ACCRA Legon Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
602. Presby Senior High, Begoro EASTERN Begoro Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
603. Presby Senior High, Mampong Akwapim EASTERN Mampong-Akwapim Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
604. Presby Senior High, Osu G. ACCRA Osu Mixed C Day SHS
605. Presby Senior High, Suhum EASTERN Suhum Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
606. Presby Senior High, Tamale NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
607. Presby Senior High, Tema G. ACCRA Tema Mixed C Day SHS
608. Presby Senior High, Teshie G. ACCRA Teshie Mixed C Day SHS
609. Presby Senior High/Tech, Aburi EASTERN Aburi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
610. Presby Senior High/Tech, Adukrom EASTERN Adukrom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
611. Presby Senior High/Tech,Kwamang ASHANTI Kwamang Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
612. Presby Senior High/Tech, Larteh EASTERN Larteh-Kubease Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
613. Prestea Senior High/Tech WESTERN Prestea Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
614. Prince Of Peace Girls WESTERN Prestea Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
615. Pusiga Comm. Day Senior High U. EAST pusiga Mixed C Day SHS
616. Queen Of Peace Senior High U. WEST Nadowli Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
617. Queens Girls Senior High WESTERN NORTH sefwi Anwhiaso Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
618. S.D.A Senior High, Koforidua EASTERN Asokore¬Koforidua Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
619. S.D.A Senior High, Sunyani BONO Sunyani Mixed B Day SHS
620. S.D.A. Senior High, Agona ASHANTI Agona Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
621. S.D.A. Senior High, Bekwai ASHANTI Bekwai Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
622. S.D.A. Senior High. Akim Sekyere EASTERN Akim Sekyere Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
623. Saboba E.P. Senior High NORTHERN Saboba Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
624. Sabronum Methodist Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Sabronum/Habitat Mixed C Day SHTS
625. Sacred Heart Senior High BONO Nsoatre Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
626. Sacred Heart Tech. Inst G. ACCRA James Town Mixed B Day TVET
627. Sakafia Islamic Senior High ASHANTI Sawaba Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
628. Sakogu Senior High/Tech NORTH EAST Sakogu Mixed C Day SHTS
629. Salaga Senior High SAVANNAH Salaga Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
630. Salaga T.I. Ahmad Senior High SAVANNAH Salaga Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
631. Salvation Army Senior High,Aboabo Dormaa BONO Aboabo Dormaa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
632. Salvation Army Senior High, Akim Wenchi EASTERN Akim Wenchi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
633. Samuel Otu Presby Senior High AHAFO Techimantia Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
634. Sandema Senior High U. EAST Sandema Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
635. Sandema YLSTI U. EAST Sandema Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
636. Sang Comm. Day School NORTHERN Sang Mixed C Day SHS
637. Sankor Comm. Senior High School WESTERN Sankor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
638. Sankore Senior High AHAFO Sankore Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
639. Savelugu Senior High NORTHERN Savelugu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
640. Saviour Senior High EASTERN Osiem Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
641. Sawla Senior High Sch SAVANNAH Sawla Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
642. Sefwi Bekwai Senior High WESTERN NORTH Sefwi Bekwai Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
643. Sefwi-Wiawso Senior High WESTERN NORTH Sefwi¬Wiawso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
644. Sefwi-Wiawso Senior High/Tech WESTERN NORTH Sefwi¬Wiawso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
645. Sekondi College WESTERN Sekondi Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
646. Sekyedumase Senior High/Tech ASHANTI Sekyedumase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
647. Senya Senior High CENTRAL Senya Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
648. Serwaa Kesse Girls Senior High AHAFO Duayaw Nkwanta Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
649. Serwaah Nyarko Girls' Snr.High ASHANTI Dichemso Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
650. Shama ICCES WESTERN Shama Mixed C Day TVET
651. Shama Senior High WESTERN Shama Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
652. Shia Senior High Technical VOLTA Shia Mixed C Day SHTS
653. Siddiq Senior High Sch CENTRAL Agona Nyakrom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
654. Simms Senior High/Com ASHANTI Fawoade Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
655. Sirigu Senior High U. EAST Sirigu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
656. Social Welfare Girls Vocational Training Centre,Pedu CENTRAL Pedu Girls C Day/Boarding TVET
657. Social Welfare Vocational Training Centre,Somanya EASTERN Somanya Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
658. Social Welfare Vocational Training Centre,Ho VOLTA Ho Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
659. Social Welfare Vocational TrainingCentre,Koforidua EASTERN Koforidua Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
660. Social Welfare Vocational/Rehabilitation Training Centre,Sunyani BONO Sunyani Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
661. Social Welfare Vocational/Rehabilitation Training Centre,Essipong Sekondi WESTERN Essipong Sekondi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
662. Sogakope Senior High VOLTA Sogakope Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
663. Sokode Senior High/Tech VOLTA Sokode Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
664. Sombo Senior High U. WEST Sombo Mixed C Day SHS
665. Some Senior High VOLTA Agbozume Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
666. South Labone Girls Vocational Training Centre,Labone G. ACCRA Labone Girls C Day/Boarding TVET
667. Spiritan Senior High ASHANTI Adankwame Mixed C Day SHTS
668. St. Ann's Girls Senior High BONO Sampa Girls B Day SHS
669. St Anne's Vocational Training Institute U. WEST Nandom Girls C Day/Boarding TVET
670. St. Anthony of Padua Senior High/Tech SAVANNAH Bamboi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
671. St. Augustine Senior High, Nsapor¬Berekum BONO Nsapor-Berekum Mixed C Day SHS
672. St. Augustine Senior High/Tech, Saan Charikpong U. WEST Saan Charikpong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
673. St. Augustine's College, Cape Coast CENTRAL Cape Coast Boys A Day/Boarding SHTS
674. St. Augustine's Senior High, Bogoso WESTERN Bogoso Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
675. St. Basilides Voc./Tech. Inst U. WEST Kaleo Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
676. St. Bernadettes Tech/Voc U. EAST Navrongo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
677. St. Catherine Girls Senior High VOLTA Agbakope Girls C Day/Boarding SHS
678. St. Charles Senior High NORTHERN Tamale Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
679. St. Clare's Vocational Training Institute U. WEST Tumu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
680. St. Daniel Comboni Tech/Voc inst VOLTA Liati Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
681. St. Dominic's Senior High/Tech, Pepease EASTERN Pepease Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
682. St. Fidelis Senior High/Tech EASTERN Tease Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
683. St. Francis Girls Senior High, Jirapa U. WEST Jirapa Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
684. St Francis Seminary/Senior High BONO EAST Buoyem Boys C Day/Boarding SHS
685. St. Francis Senior High/Tech,Akim Oda EASTERN Akim Oda Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
686. St. George's Senior High Tech ASHANTI Kuntanase Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
687. St. Gregory Catholic Senior High School CENTRAL Buduburam Mixed C Day SHS
688. St. Hubert Sem/Senior High ASHANTI Santasi- Kumasi Boys B Day/Boarding SHS
689. St. James Sem & Senior High, Abesim BONO Abesim Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
690. St. Jerome Senior High, Abofour ASHANTI Abofour Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
691. St John Voc. Tech. Institute U. WEST Nandom Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
692. St. John's Grammar Senior High G. ACCRA Achimota Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
693. St. John's Integrated Snr. High/Tech U. EAST Tono Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
694. St. John's Senior High, Sekondi WESTERN Sekondi Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
695. St. Joseph Sem/Senior High, Mampong ASHANTI Mampong Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
696. St. Joseph Senior High, Sefwi Wiawso WESTERN NORTH Sefwi Wiawso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
697. St. Joseph Senior High/Tech, Ahwiren ASHANTI Ahwiren Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
698. St. Joseph's Tech. Inst,Kwahu-Tafo EASTERN Kwahu-Tafo Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
699. St. Joseph's Tech. Inst,Saboba NORTHERN/td> Saboba Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
700. St. Louis Senior High, Kumasi ASHANTI Oduom-Kumasi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
701. St. Margaret Mary Snr. High/Tech G. ACCRA Dansoman Mixed B Day SHTS
702. St. Martin's Senior High EASTERN Nsawam Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
703. St. Mary's Boys' Senior High, Apowa WESTERN Apowa Boys B Day/Boarding SHS
704. St. Mary's Girl's Senior High,Konongo ASHANTI Konongo Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
705. St. Mary's Sem & Senior High VOLTA Lolobi Boys B Day/Boarding SHS
706. St. Mary's Senior High, Korle Gonno G. ACCRA Korle Gonno Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
707. St. Mary's Voc./Tech. Inst,Adeemmra EASTERN Adeemmra Girls C Day/Boarding TVET
708. St. Mary's Vocational Training Institute,Asamankese EASTERN Asamankese Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
709. St. Mary's Vocational Training Institute,Tamale NORTHERN Tamale Girls C Day/Boarding TVET
710. St. Michael Tech/Voc lnst ASHANTI Pramso Mixed C Day TVET
711. St. Michael's Senior High, Ahenkro ASHANTI Ahenkro Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
712. St. Michael's Senior High, Akoase EASTERN Akoase, Nkawkaw Mixed C Day SHS
713. St. Monica's Senior High, Mampong ASHANTI Mampong Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
714. St. Paul's Senior High, Asakraka Kwahu EASTERN Asakraka-Kwahu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
715. St. Paul's Senior High, Denu VOLTA Hatsukope/Denu Boys C Day/Boarding SHS
716. St. Paul's Tech. Inst EASTERN Kukurantumi Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
717. St. Peter's Senior High, Nkwatia EASTERN Nkwatia Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
718. St. Rose's Senior High EASTERN Akwatia Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
719. St. Sebastian Cath. Senior High ASHANTI Adumasa Mixed C Day SHS
720. St. Stephen's Presby Snr. High/Tech EASTERN Asiakwa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
721. St Theresa's Vocational Training Institute OTI Chinderi Mixed C Day TVET
722. St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High G. ACCRA Cantonments Boys A Day SHS
723. St. Thomas Senior High/Tech EASTERN Asamankese Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
724. Suhum CDVTI EASTERN Suhum Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
725. Suhum Senior High/Tech EASTERN Suhum Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
726. Sumaman Senior High BONO Suma¬Ahenkro Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
727. Sunyani CDVTI BONO Sunyani Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
728. Sunyani Methodist Technical Inst BONO Sunyani Mixed B Day/Boarding TVET
729. Sunyani Senior High BONO Sunyani Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
730. Swedru School Of Business CENTRAL Swedru Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
731. Swedru Senior High CENTRAL Swedru Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
732. T. I. Ahmadiyya Girl's Senior High, Asokore ASHANTI Asokore Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
733. T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Kumasi ASHANTI Kumasi - Stadium Boys A Day/Boarding SHS
734. T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Wa U. WEST Wa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
735. Takoradi CDVTI WESTERN Anaji Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
736. Takoradi Senior High WESTERN Tanokrom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
737. Takoradi Tech. Inst WESTERN Takoradi Mixed A Day TVET
738. Takoradi Vocational Training Institute WESTERN Takoradi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
739. Takpo Senior High Sch U. WEST Takpo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
740. Takrowase YLSTI EASTERN Takrowasi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
741. Tamale CDVTI NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
742. Tamale Girls Senior High NORTHERN Tamale Girls B Day/Boarding SHS
743. Tamale Senior High NORTHERN Tamale Mixed A Day/Boarding SHTS
744. Tamale Technical Institute NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
745. Tamale Vocational Training Institute NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
746. Tanyigbe Senior High VOLTA Tanyigbe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
747. Tapaman Senior High/Tech OTI Tapa-Amanfrom Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
748. Tarkrosi Comm. Senior High EASTERN Tarkrosi Mixed C Day SHS
749. Tarkwa CDVTI WESTERN Tarkwa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
750. Tarkwa Senior High WESTERN Tarkwa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
751. Taviefe Comm, Senior High VOLTA Taviefe Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
752. Tawheed Senior High ASHANTI Kumasi- Akwatia Mixed B Day SHS
753. Techiman Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
753. Techiman Senior High BONO EAST Techiman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
754. Technology Solution Center, Adidome VOLTA Adidome Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
755. Technology Solution Center, Asamankese EASTERN Asamankese Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
756. Technology Solution Center, Asankragwa WESTERN Asankragwa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
757. Technology Solution Center, Assin Edubiase CENTRAL Assin Edubiase Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
758. Technology Solution Center, Awutu Senya CENTRAL Awutu Senya Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
759. Technology Solution Center, Bechem AHAFO Bechem Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
760. Technology Solution Center, Bekwai ASHANTI Bekwai Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
761. Technology Solution Center, Bibiani WESTERN NORTH Bibiani Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
762. Technology Solution Center, Bole SAVANNAH Bole Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
763. Technology Solution Center, Damango SAVANNAH Damango Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
764. Technology Solution Center, Donkorkrom EASTERN Donkorkrom Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
765. Technology Solution Center, Dormaa Ahenkro BONO Dormaa Ahenkro Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
766. Technology Solution Center, Drobo BONO Drobo Mixed C Day/ boarding TVET
767. Technology Solution Center, Elmina CENTRAL Elmina Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
768. Technology Solution Center, Garu U. EAST Garu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
769. Technology Solution Center, Goaso AHAFO Goaso Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
770. Technology Solution Center, Half Assini WESTERN Half Assini Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
771. Technology Solution Center, Hohoe VOLTA Hohoe Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
772. Technology Solution Center, Konongo ASHANTI Konongo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
773. Technology Solution Center, Krachi OTI Krachi Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
774. Technology Solution Center, Mampong ASHANTI Mampong Mixed C Day TVET
775. Technology Solution Center, Mankesim CENTRAL Mankesim Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
776. Technology Solution Center, Nadowli U. WEST Nadowli Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
777. Technology Solution Center, Navrongo U. EAST Navrongo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
778. Technology Solution Center, Salaga SAVANNAH Salaga Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
779. Technology Solution Center, Savelugu NORTHERN Savelugu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
780. Technology Solution Center, Sekyere Kumawu ASHANTI Sekyere Kumawu Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
781. Technology Solution Center, Somanya EASTERN Somanya Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
782. Technology Solution Center, Suhum EASTERN Suhum Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
783. Technology Solution Center, Techiman BONO EAST Techiman Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
784. Tema Industrial Mission G. ACCRA Tema Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
785. Tema Manhean Senior High/Tech G. ACCRA Tema New Town Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
786. Tema Meth. Day Senior High G. ACCRA Tema Comm II Mixed A Day SHS
787. Tema Senior High G. ACCRA Tema Comm 5 Mixed A Day/Boarding SHS
788. Tema Tech. Inst. G. ACCRA Tema Mixed A Day TVET
789. Tempane Senior High U. EAST Tempane Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
790. Tepa Senior High ASHANTI Tepa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
791. Terchire Senior High AHAFO Terchire Mixed C Day SHS
792. Teshie Tech. Institute G. ACCRA Teshie Mixed C Day TVET
793. Tetrefu ICCES ASHANTI Tetrefu Mixed C Day TVET
794. Three Town Senior High VOLTA Denu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
795. Tijjaniya Senior High ASHANTI Asokore Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
796. Toase Senior High ASHANTI Toase Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
797. Toh-Kpalime Vocational Training Institute VOLTA Toh-Kpalime Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
798. Tolon Senior High NORTHERN Tolon Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
799. Tongo Senior High/Tech U. EAST Tongo Mixed C Day SHTS
800. Tongor Senior High Tech VOLTA Kpeve Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
801. Tsiame Senior High VOLTA Tsiame Mixed C Day SHTS
802. Tsito Senior High/Tech VOLTA Tsito Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
803. Tumu Senior High/Tech U. WEST Tumu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
804. Tuna Senior High/Tech SAVANNAH Tuna Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
805. Tuobodom Senior High/Tech BONO EAST Tuobodom Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
806. Tweapease Senior High School ASHANTI Tweapease Mixed C Day SHS
807. Twedie ICCES ASHANTI Twedie Mixed C Day TVET
808. Twene Amanfo Senior High/Tech BONO Sunyani Mixed B Day SHTS
809. Tweneboa Kodua Senior High ASHANTI Kumawu Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
810. Twifo Hemang Senior High/Tech CENTRAL Heman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
811. Twifo Praso Senior High CENTRAL Twifo Praso Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
812. Ullo Senior High U. WEST Ullo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
813. University Practice Senior High CENTRAL Cape Coast Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
814. Uthman Bin Afam Senior High WESTERN Kamgbunli Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
815. Uthmaniya Senior High ASHANTI Tafo Mixed C Day SHS
816. Vakpo Senior High VOLTA Vakpo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
817. Vakpo Senior High/Tech VOLTA Vakpo Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
818. Ve Comm. Senior High VOLTA Ve-Koloenu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
819. Vitting Senior High/Tech NORTHERN Tamale Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
820. Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute CENTRAL Biriwa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
821. Volo Comm. Senior High VOLTA Volo Mixed C Day SHS
822. Volta Senior High School VOLTA Dzita-Agbledoini Mixed C Day SHS
823. Volta Tech inst VOLTA Matse Mixed C Day/boarding TVET
824. W.B.M. Zion Senior High EASTERN Old Tafo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
825. Wa CDVTI U. WEST Wa Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
826. Wa Senior High U. WEST Wa Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
827. Wa Senior High/Tech U. WEST Wa Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
828. Wa Tech. Inst U. WEST Wa Mixed A Day/Boarding TVET
829. Walewale Senior High NORTH EAST Walewele Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
830. Walewale Tech/ Voc Inst. NORTH EAST Walewale Mixed C Day TVET
831. Wamanafo Senior Tech/ High BONO Wamanafo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
832. Wapuli Comm. Senior High NORTHERN Wapuli Mixed C Day SHS
833. Wenchi Methodist Senior High BONO Wenchi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
834. Wesley Girls Senior High, Cape Coast CENTRAL Cape Coast Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
835. Wesley Grammar Senior High G. ACCRA Dansoman Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
836. Wesley High School, Bekwai ASHANTI Bekwai Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
837. Wesley Senior High, Konongo ASHANTI Konongo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
838. West Africa Senior High G. ACCRA Adenta Mixed B Day SHS
839. Weta Senior High/Tech VOLTA Weta Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
840. Wiafe Akenten Presby Senior High ASHANTI Afrancho Mixed C Day SHS
841. Wiaga Comm. Senior High U. EAST Wiaga Mixed C Day SHS
842. Winneba Senior High CENTRAL Winneba Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
843 Winneba Vocational Training Institute CENTRAL Winneba Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
844. Worawora Senior High OTI Worawora Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
845. Wovenu Senior High Technical VOLTA Tadzewu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
846. Wulensi Senior High NORTHERN Wulensi Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
847. Wulugu Senior High NORTH EAST Wulugu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
848. Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High ASHANTI Tanoso-Kumasi Girls A Day/Boarding SHS
849. Yabram Comm. Day School OTI Dambai Mixed C Day SHS
850. Yagaba Senior High School NORTH EAST Yagaba Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
851. Yamfo Anglican SeniorHigh School AHAFO Yamfo Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
852. Yamfo Vocational Training Institute AHAFO Yamfo Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET
853. Yeboah Asuamah Senior High BONO EAST Nsuta Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
854. Yeji Senior High/Tech BONO EAST Yeji Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
855. Yendi Senior High NORTHERN Yendi Mixed B Day/Boarding SHS
856. Yilo Krobo Senior High/Com EASTERN Somanya Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
857. Zabzugu Senior High NORTHERN Zabzugu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
858. Zamse Senior High/Tech U. EAST Bolgatanga Mixed C Day/Boarding SHTS
859. Zebilla Senior High/Tech U. EAST Zebilla Mixed B Day/Boarding SHTS
860. Ziavi Senior High/Tech VOLTA Ziavi Mixed C Day SHTS
861. Zion Senior High VOLTA Anloga Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
862. Ziope Senior High Sch VOLTA Ziope Mixed C Day SHS
863. Zorkor Senior High U. EAST Zorkor Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
864. Zuarungu Senior High U. EAST Zuarungu Mixed C Day/Boarding SHS
865. Zugu Dabogni CDVTI NORTHERN Zugu Dabogni Mixed C Day/Boarding TVET